Provo Fashion Week

Wowza-rockon-amaze-N! That’s how I would officially sum up the experience.

I had the honor to represent a designer with an incredible, professional and versatile collection. Nancy Barrus Coutour, the Owner of Avenia Bridal was a dream to work with and I loved her makeup design and creative intent. I worked with a medium I’ve never used before and I loved the creativity it allowed me (okay, forced me…) to have. Gold leaf is something I only pictured being in a craft kit, but after playing with it and seeing it light up the faces of the most amazing 9 models, EVER- I was sold.

For the post of Avenia Bridal, click here PROVO FASHION WEEK

aveniabridal "Jesca Cluff Photography" "Jesca Cluff Photography"


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Blogging? Here? Okay!

Something sort of awesome happened today. I was rushing to get out of the grocery store with my three-year old in complete distress because I wouldn’t agree to a box of cupcakes (gasp, how dare I?) when I came to a checkout with what appeared to be a very bored/irritated/maybe depressed clerk. The thought of “Oh dear, I’m not going to make her day any easier with my ticked off toddler…” quickly put me into my apologetic mode. I raced to put my items on the moving belt thing when I looked up and gave her a quick smile. She gave a half smile back. I made some quick apology for my upset child and she didn’t say anything back. {insert even more awkwardness}.


Invite someone to interact with you. They might “speak makeup too!” A simple compliment can change the course of someone’s day.

Once I got my items emptied from the cart, I was ready to stand there in that weird: let’s stare at each other while you ring up my fruit and potato chips and either try avoid eye contact, act distracted by the beeping noise of the register…or make pointless small talk, part of shopping.  But something caught my eye just then. Her perfectly lined eyes and beautiful lip color was applied with care and I felt the urge to compliment this seemingly unhappy woman.

“Your makeup looks so pretty! Wow, I love your eyes!”

She was obviously taken back…or partially shocked that someone noticed. She held my bag of chocolate covered pretzels for a split second and looked up at me with a FULL smile this time. {YAY! She speaks makeup too!}

“Thank you! I tried a new liner from Revlon and I really like it.” she said with a new breath of gusto…”What kind of eyeliner do you use?”  she asked with an excited little beat.

From that moment on, we had a pretty rad conversation for the duration of grocery bagging . She was so kind, so funny and delightful to talk to…but nobody would have ever known that. It is very possible she was having a bad day, she is stretched for a pay check or she was just annoyed with life. Sometimes I get that way too (don’t you?) So instead of perpetuating her seemingly crappy time at work, I decided a compliment was worth a try. Little did I know she was desperate for interaction and quite possibly, yes, a compliment from a total stranger.

I don’t relay this story as a “look at me and my good works,” but rather to encourage you to find a common interest in someone who might just be having a rough time. For me and Ms. Marcie, it was makeup! As I walked out of the store I looked back and she was happily greeting the next customer and her perfectly blushed lips were even more beautiful because she was really smiling.


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my philosophy.

If you could see yourself as others do, you’d wish you were as beautiful as you.                                                                                                                                -Bon Jovi


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